Incredible ways to Use Organic Rice Flour

Incredible ways to Use Organic Rice Flour


With so many options available to fill our plates, choosing the most suitable food has become a tad bit challenging. In the old days, a simple meal of roti, sabzi, and dal would make up the contents of a well balanced and elaborate meal. Nowadays, we think twice before putting any food in our mouth, worrying about its nutrition and health implications. With the advent of thousands of health-centric food products, we take a look at one such food product which has found its way into many kitchens, with many benefits to boast about.The best thing about rice flour is that it is easily available and is inexpensive. It has all the qualities of wheat flour that we are so used to. It binds well, tastes good and is so easy to use. Why use rice flour for baking?


Organic Rice flour - is made by grinding raw rice finely. In India, it is used for an extensive number of food items and can be consumed even by those who have celiac disease. But were you aware that you can use rice flour for baking too? For any baking recipe which does not require the use of yeast or rising, rice flour is a substitute for all-purpose flour or maida.

In addition to that, our Organic rice flour is high in fibre, low in saturated fat & when used in baking yields a more elastic dough as the water absorption rate of the flour is higher.


Get Flawless Skin With The Benefits Of Rice Flour

Take a scroll through beauty YouTube, and you’ll find tons of rice flour mask tutorials mentioning how it exfoliates and brightens the skin and even protects against ultraviolet (UV) rays. It’s hypothesized that the primary ingredients found in rice flour act as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents that function to prevent skin aging, reduce UV damage, promote skin lightening, and improve skin and hair regrowth. Your rice flour is sitting at your kitchen counter waiting to be used for some worthy DIY face & hair masks.


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Use it as a thickening agent

As it’s made from rice, one benefit of rice flour is that it helps liquid to absorb quickly into the baked goods, giving it more structure. However, if you’re making a liquid batter, you might need to add extra liquid or an additional egg. You can even let it sit in the fridge for a bit to help all of the ingredients blend well together.


Rice Flour Pasta

Rice flour noodles are a nice alternative to traditional pastas, as they have a mild flavor and a texture slightly different from wheat pasta.



Shop our Certified Organic Rice Flour to maximize the benefits & add nutritional value to your meals.



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