Benefits of Cold Pressed Organic Groundnut Oil

Benefits of Cold Pressed Organic Groundnut Oil


Beyond a cooking oil ? Don’t worry! We are going to jump straight to the point right after shedding some light on “What is Cold Pressed Oil”? The origins of the Cold Pressed oil can be traced down to the Indus Valley Civilization, dated to be more than 5000 years old! 'Chekku', 'Ghani' and 'Kolhu' oil are some colloquial words used in India to describe cold pressed oil. Infact, in olden times, a long cylindrical instrument known as 'ghani' was used to extract oil from oilseeds. Cold pressed oil- In this oil seeds are crushed slowly to extract oil from them naturally. This is done to retain the nutrients and flavours. Cold Pressed Organic Groundnut Oil is beyond just a cooking oil. It serves your holistic wellness & that’s all the more reason for why you should have one too.


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Here are some of the benefits :

1) Promotes Heart Health

Cold Pressed Organic Groundnut Oil contains high levels of HDL, which reduces the risk of developing heart-related conditions. In addition to that, it is cholesterol free. Hence, making it a heart-healthy oil.

2) Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Here’s one of the lesser-known Cold Pressed Organic Groundnut Oil facts - It helps regulate blood sugar levels. Due to the high concentration of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, it has this characteristic. The body slows down the absorption of fat and secretes more insulin, which contributes to better blood sugar management.

3) Reduces Protein Loss in Hair

Cold Pressed Organic Groundnut Oil is a rich source of protein & massaging your hair with groundnut oil for hair helps build a barrier due to its emollient components which further gives structural strength to your hair. 

4) Hot Organic Groundnut Oil Treatment for Hair

Begin with shampooing your hair. Then heat about 4 to 5 tablespoons of groundnut oil and apply it to your scalp followed by applying the remaining along your hair strands. Rinse off the oil after an hour.

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5) Loaded With Antioxidants

Cold-pressed organic ground nut oil is processed at room temperature. Hence, it is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

6) Boosts Skin Health

You can topically apply cold pressed organic groundnut oil to enhance your skin’s health. It is rich in vitamin E which helps to lock in skin’s moisture & keeps it hydrated Now that you know, it is an oil which has benefits beyond just as a cooking oil,

Turn Organic Cold Pressed Organic Groundnut Oil is a must have!


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