Why ‘Turn Organic’ products?
At Turn Organic, we believe in ‘Planetary wellbeing’ a thought behind our being in the business of ‘serving nature for our better future’, as we strongly believe in ‘Purity of soul from purity of food’. We look at it just not as a business but as an effort to create ‘natural nature’. Our products are 100% Certified Organic and bring 100+ different organic products to our customers.
Are you supplying certified organic produce?
Yes, our products are certified as per USDA and India Organic standards.
Where does it come from?
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What are the benefits of Organic Food?
  • No persistent pesticides or synthetic fertilizers: Designed by intent to kill living organisms, persistent pesticides can be harmful to wildlife and human health, especially as they contaminate our food, air and water or accumulate in our cells. Synthetic fertilizers require large quantities of fossil fuels to produce, and contribute to soil degradation and ocean dead zones
  • No synthetic growth or breeding hormones: Avoiding synthetic hormones (which are frequently given to conventional dairy and meat animals to alter reproductive cycles and speed up growth) means less stress for animals and reduced human exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
  • No antibiotics: Overuse of antibiotics in farm animals leads to the development of dangerous antibiotic-resistant infections. Organic farmers instead rely on natural measures to promote and maintain animal health.
  • No GMOs: Genetically engineered crops are a relatively recent technology with potentially devastating impacts on ecosystems and human and animal health. Organic regulations forbid the use of genetically engineered seeds or animals (including clones).
Is COD option available
Yes it is but would be charged at Rs.40 per order.
How do I request for the product that is not listed?
Please write us an email to enquiry@glowriverfoodlabs.com or contact our Whatsapp or Facebook support in website with the details of product that you want us to get. We will get back to you as early as possible.
Why is it that some of items that i ordered are not delivered?
Please refer our return policy for details.
How do I cancel my order?
You can drop us a mail or reach out through whatsapp.