3 best diabetic friendly food to balance your health & taste

3 best diabetic friendly food to balance your health & taste


There are some aspects of life that we can control & some, we just can’t do anything about. But, being in charge of our health & wellbeing is the former. Diabetes is a major health problem worldwide & a person with diabetes will have high blood sugar levels due to a lack of insulin. Who wants to feel like they can’t eat the foods they enjoy? Or that they aren’t working hard enough for in-range blood sugar numbers? There may be no better time than now to take charge of your health because diabetes puts you at a higher risk for complications of COVID-19. Choosing the right food is one way to manage high blood sugar through diet. If you’re someone with diabetes & most likely has a compromised immune system, eating organically grown food is a paramount. A recent study showed that five different pesticides were associated with triggering diabetes & the pesticides used to grow conventional food may worsen the situation. Hence, consuming organic food is the only way to avoid the consumption of these pesticides.

Ready to jump in? We’ve rounded up some of the best organically grown food by us that can help to control diabetes.


● Chia Seeds

The researchers believe that chia seeds can help people manage type 2 diabetes as this superfood has high antioxidant and omega-3 content. They are exceptionally rich in fiber too. The fiber in chia seeds helps to lower the blood sugar level & combats obesity that increases the chances of developing diabetes, by reducing hunger. Moreover, it can also decrease the number of calories you absorb from other foods eaten as a part of the same meal. You can sprinkle or incorporate chia seeds over salads, use them in baking, make a dessert or make a healthy glass of smoothie out of it.


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● Flax seeds

Flax seeds have an impressive nutritional content mainly because of the fiber they contain. Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is crucial for people with diabetes, and fiber plays a major role in achieving this. Due to their high fiber content, flax seeds are considered a low-glycemic food & doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels. Their soluble fiber content, specifically mucilage gums, slows food digestion and decreases the absorption of certain nutrients like sugar.


In a 3-month study of 120 people with type 2 diabetes, those who consumed 5 grams of flaxseed gum daily with their food experienced a fasting blood sugar reduction of about 12%, compared with a control group (11Trusted Source). Add flax seeds in your meals like a salad, smoothies or an oatmeal.


● Turmeric

Turmeric is a miracle spice, has been trusted & praised for decades for its unbelievable health benefits. Curcumin, the active ingredient present in turmeric, lowers inflammation and blood sugar levels while mitigating the risk of heart diseases. Not just that, since diabetes is one of the leading causes of kidney disease, it benefits kidney health in diabetics. Because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, turmeric supplements may help with blood sugar management in people with type 2 diabetes.

Adding turmeric to your diet helps to reduce diabetes-related complications, but also helps in diabetes prevention. Improving one's lifestyle is an important part of living healthily & increasing productivity. If you’re diabetic, don’t get disheartened, eat a balanced diet that includes healthy carbohydrates and enough healthy proteins and fats & most importantly, indulge in self-care


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