Turn Organic Moong Dal whole is a distinguished a part of the Indian daily diet. It may be eaten both whole (without or with skin) or as bean sprouted. Moong Dal is a part of legume family.

Mostly, they are cultivated on farms in central and western India as a rain/Kharif crop, generally harvested in October- November month. Moong whole Dal or green gram is an essential part of the Indian diet.

It is used as an essential ingredient for the preparation of savory and sweet dishes. Moong beans or Whole are the most loved foods items. When they are cooked with spices they are nourishing and comparatively easy to digest, they do not create a stomach fuel line or bloating in the human body.

Benefits of Turn Organic Moong Dal Whole:

  • Organic moong dal whole is a rich source of vitamin B that helps to produce new cells.
  • It is rich in antioxidants which helps in lower inflammation and to kill free redicals.
  • Moong Dal fulfilling daily protein requirements.
  • It contains 0 cholesterol which helps in heart.