Turn Organic Chana Besan flour is used to prepare delicious Indian snacks such as Pakora, Bhajiyas, Dhokla, etc, and is considered one of the comforts treats in the majority of households. It is also used in baking, as an ingredient in desserts, and as a delicious & crispy coating in fried foods.

  • Organic Chana Besan Flour is likewise called Bengal Gram Flour or Chana Dal flour. It is made by grinding dried chickpeas. Turn Organic Chana Besan flour is wealthy in protein.
  • Turn Organic Chana Besan flour has an aromatic flavour that is used to thicken soups, and curries or even utilized in a batter to coat vegetables.
  • Turn Organic Chana Besan flour contains a high proportion of carbohydrates, a higher proportion of protein than other flour & is also gluten-free!
  • It has fewer calories than regular flour and is packed with fiber for better digestion.

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