Organic Black Mustard – 100g

Organic Black Mustard Seeds are essential spices in lots of regional cuisines. Black mustard adds a unique flavour. This spice blend can be utilized to make fish, vegetables and other non-vegetarian curry dishes.

Nutritional Information

Turn Organic Black Mustard is filled with protein, iron and calcium. Apart from these nutrients, Organic Black Mustard also contains dietary fibres, vitamins and various other nutrients. A 100g serving of Organic Black Mustard contains 0g trans fat and 0mg cholesterol.


  • Turn Organic  Mustard Black are rich in vitamin A, B6, C & folate. It also rich in omega 3 fatty acids and has anti cancer properties.
  •  It is main ingredient of tadka (The seeds are usually thrown into hot oil or ghee, after which they pop, releasing a characteristic nutty flavour) to gravy , dals, other preparations.. 
  • Turn Organic products are organically grown without pesticides and harmful fertilizers.
  • It is 100% certified as per USDA Organic and India Organic standards.
  • A Product of India

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