Seven Yummy Recipes Of Organic Poha

Seven Yummy Recipes Of Organic Poha

Organic Poha is an easy breakfast dish that requires minutes to cook but is full of taste and flavor. It's delicious to the point that we will fret about having it consistently, correct? Organic Poha is devoured in all aspects of the country; every area has its particular way of making poha. This versatile dish isn't restricted to just a single cooking style. Organic Poha is a flexible food that can be made in various ways.

Beaten rice or Poha as it is known in Maharashtra, Chuda in Orissa, Aval in Tamil Nadu, Atkulu in Telugu, Organic Phoha is the best when eaten in an unconventional form.


Here are 7 unique Organic Poha recipes to help you start your days on a healthier note



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Kanda Poha 

One of the most conventional forms of organic poha, Kanda poha, is the stable dish in Maharashtra and Gujarat. It derives its texture, taste, and name from the onions delicately sautéed attached to the dish. Topped with grated coconut and coriander leaves.


Chivda is the dry and roasted version often referred to as farsan in the areas of Maharashtra and Gujrat. It is a typical tea-time snack made with dry fruits, spices, and peanuts. You can add to your organic poha some dry fruits like almonds, cashews, raisins, walnut; the list is limitless. The combination of nuts can give a distinct dimension to your favorite dish.

Bread Poha

Organic Poha added with the small crispy bread crumbs drizzled with spices and lemon juice makes a delicious and filling dish to relish. It is famous street food in many parts of India.

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 Goan Poha

Organic Poha is generally a savory dish, but this one prepared with the milk and curd is sweet and is one of its kind. The mildness of sugar and cardamom flavor makes this dish delicious just by itself or with some hot masala tea during snacks or while having your breakfast.

Dahi Poha 

Dahi Poha is an easy yet delicious dish that requires basic ingredients like poha, curd, chilies, and ginger. It takes less than fifteen minutes to get prepared but is filled with flavors and nutrients. On a hot summer day, this dish can be proved to be very cooling and a great digestive, making it an ideal meal at any time of the day.

Aval Kozhukattai

It is one of the healthiest dishes prepared by organic Poha. These steamed savory dumplings made of Poha make for a delightful evening snack or breakfast dish. When added with the grated coconut and curry leaves, it takes it to another new level.

Aval Nanachuthu

Nanachuthu is Tamil and Malayalam for 'soaked.' The name is appropriate for what the dish depicts; it is the Poha lightly soaked in jaggery and chewy to eat. The dish, if topped with the cardamon and the mashed or the sliced banana, makes it delicious. Apart from being delicious, it is an ultimate energy booster and is healthy, just remember to go light on the jaggery.

You must be  fond of the regular poha, but a little change would do wonders, right? Treat your body with a healthy diet with Turn Organic Poha, and we are sure you will be in love with them too!


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