Organic Poha

Turn Organic Poha is made of de-husked and flattened rice grains. It acts as a complement to/for a high protein, fibre diet. A very common breakfast ingredient, it is free from any kind of chemicals or polishing.

Nutritional Information

Turn Organic Poha is a great source of protein, calcium and iron. Apart from these, a bowl of Organic Poha contains dietary fibres, vitamin A & C and all the nutrients that are necessary for your body. A 100g serving of Organic Poha contains 0g trans fat and 0g sugar. The calorie count per serving of Organic Poha is 414.8

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Organic Poha Uses:

Make the most delicious Pohas and a few different cracking dishes like Mili Jhuli Dhoklas, Sabzi, Dosas, Idlis etc. Also, experience this because the base for many Indians is based on desserts as well. Can be fed on raw as a healthy snack too.

  • Turn Organic Poha is a healthy and very popular breakfast because it has no cholesterol and trans fat.
  • Organic Poha (Flatten Rice) is easily digestible and is rich in fibre.
  • Turn Organic products are organically grown without pesticides and harmful fertilizers.
  • It is 100% certified as per USDA Organic and India Organic standards.
  • Turn Organic products are cleaned thoroughly to make the product free of all impurities & dust particles. And packaged effectively to maintain nutritional value.
  • A Product of India.

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