Red Poha or flattened red rice is made from red rice by pressing it. Depending on the pressure carried out the thickness of the Poha may be altered. Thick beaten rice absorbs extra liquids and as a result, keeps the flavours.

This is nutritionally advanced whilst in comparison to White Poha or white flakes. Red Poha is rich in iron content material and is also easy to digest. Other famous names are Avalakki, beaten rice, Rice flakes flattened rice, Poha, Atukulu and aval. Very easy to cook and is convenient to make types of brief snacks.


  • Turn Organic Red Poha is naturally processed and is very healthy. It is free from all forms of additives and chemicals.
  • Turn Organic Red Poha is a rich source of protein, calcium, and iron
  • A 100g serving of Turn Organic Red Poha contains 0g trans fat and 0mg cholesterol.
  • Turn Organic Red Poha is a healthy and very popular breakfast because it has no cholesterol and trans fat.
  • Turn Organic Red Poha (Flatten Rice) is easily digestible and is rich in fibre.