Organic Groundnut oil is extracted by pressing sun-dried ground nuts under no warmth or minimal temperature situations called the cold pressing technique. No refining agent, solvent or chemical substances are used on this process.
This natural groundnut oil produced the use of the traditional cold-press approach keeps the original smell, nutrition, and taste. On the other hand, conventional refined oil has produced the use of techniques like steaming, bleaching, distillation, and hydrogenation in which the seeds are exposed to extremely high temperatures to get clean bland oil, and chemical substances like phosphoric acid, calcium hypochlorite are added to increase the shelf existence of the product which in turn affects not only the flavour and aroma however also strips the oil of all its nutritive values.
Organic groundnut oil has a pleasant nutty aroma, sweet-flavored and is low in saturated fats, free from cholesterol and trans-fat. You can purchase this natural groundnut oil online to make your meal healthy and delicious.
  • Turn Organic Groundnut Oil is particularly effective in stimulating circulation, digestion and excretion.
  • Oil is manufactured without applying extreme high temperature to maintain its nutrition value intact. 
  • Turn Organic products are organically grown without pesticides and harmful fertilizers.
  • It is 100% certified as per USDA Organic and India Organic standards.
  • A Product of India