Urad Dal Health Benefits and Recipe

Urad Dal Health Benefits and Recipe

One of the most popular lentils in India is split black gram. It is a good source of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and Vitamin B. Urad dal can be very beneficial to pregnant women because it contains iron, calcium and folic acid.

Urad dal can be used to prepare many dishes, including dosa, papad and medu vada. It is also a popular ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines because it is high in nutrients.

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The Top 7 Benefits of Urad Dal in Your Diet

#1: Aids Digestion

Urad dal, a rich source both insoluble as soluble fibre, aids in digestion. It stimulates peristaltic motion, and bulks up the stool in your intestine. It is a great remedy for constipation, diarrhoea and cramps.

People with colic or piles should also consider urad Dal because of its high fiber content. The liver stimulant properties of this lentil are also known to be excellent.

#2: Protect Your Heart

Urad dal's minerals, particularly potassium and magnesium, can help protect your heart. These minerals and fibre help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. They prevent atherosclerosis. Potassium increases blood circulation and protects arterial walls against any damage. 

#3: Great Source of Energy

Because of its high iron content, one of the greatest health benefits from urad dal is that it prevents anaemia. Consuming urad dal can increase your energy and keep you active all day.

Red blood cells (RBC) are carriers of oxygen and iron. Pregnant women should include urad-dal in their diets, as they are more susceptible to iron deficiency. Regular consumption of urad dal can boost energy levels and replenish the body's RBCs.

#4: Enhances Bone Health

Urad dal's important minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium, play a critical role in increasing bone density. Regular intake of urad dal can improve bone health and prevent osteoporosis and arthritis.

#5: Diabetes Control

High levels of fibre are one of the greatest Urad dal health advantages. This indirectly aids in maintaining and controlling glucose levels. You must monitor your diet to manage diabetes. The fibre in urad Dal helps you feel fuller for longer periods of time and regulates the nutrients that are absorbed into your digestive tract.

#6: Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Urad dal is a natural remedy for pain and inflammation. This lentil is rich in vitamins and minerals that can boost metabolism. Urad dal can also be mashed and used to treat aching muscles and joints. A second important benefit of urad dal is its ability to lower oxidative stress levels.

#7: Great for Your Skin

Urad dal's high level of vitamins and minerals helps maintain healthy hair and skin. It soothes skin irritation and circulates more oxygen to the skin for glowing and healthy skin. Urad dal is also known to reduce sunburn, tan and acne. The essential fatty acids in the lentil are great for hair, strengthening and protecting them from breaking.

Here are some creative ways to include it in your diet

  1. Urad dal can be used to make vegetables even though it isn't yet fully ripe. It is soft in texture but has strong flavor and can be eaten with Rotis or with rice.
  2. In South India, urad dal is often hulled and divided. To make a variety of crepes or dosas, it is mixed with rice and soaked in water. These delicious dishes are served with coconut sauce and sambar, a spicy, flavorful soup made from vegetables.
  3. Whole urad dal in North India is used mainly to make a rich, spicy lentil purée, also known as dal makhani.
  4. You can also make urad dal flour by grinding the dal into flour for confectionery, flatbreads or bread.
  5. A batter of urad dal is used in Sri Lanka to make Uttapam. It is usually served with vegetables or fish.
  6. Papadum can also be made from hulled split urad dal.
  7. You can soak whole urad dal beans until they sprout. These sprouts can be used as a snack or in salads.

Urad Dal can be a blessing when it comes to healthy eating. Organic is even better because it is free of any toxin for your body.

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