3 Best Organic Beverages For Summer


Soak in the sunshine with every sip! To enjoy the weather this summer, lets get refreshed and restore our bodies with some of the best summer drinks. We've put together a list of summer beverages that you should try.   

1. Hey, Hon! Tea-lovers, pay attention! Rejuvenate on a sweaty summer day with this delectable and easy organic honey spiced ice tea.

organic honey

Preparation: All you'll need is some of your favourite tea, water, cinnamon sticks some organic cloves and slice of lemon and a spoonful of turn organic honey. Bring the water to aboil, add the tea and spices and let it sit for not more than 10 minutes. Squeeze a few drops of lemon and add the organic honey. Refrigerate for sometime and pour over ice cubes for serving. Sit back and devour.     


2. Noon and nut/ I'm nuts for you! This summer, brim your glasses with nutrition by making the super easy organic almond mocktail.


Preparation: With a handful of turn organic almonds which are organically grown, water, some cinnamon,  organic salt and some organic white sugar, churn this lovely concoction in a grinder. Sieve and serve with crushed ice and lemon zest. Tip: Make a pitcher full, because you'll not be able to stop at just one glass!      


3. Mango Magic! Go fruity in the heat with this refreshing Aam Paana.


Preparation: Start by roasting and peeling some raw mangoes and adding the pulp in a blender with some black salt, organic pepper powder, organic cumin powder and don’t forget to use the turn organic jaggery powder. Pour chilled water and ice cubes to the final paste and enjoy the mango-ficent drink.                 

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